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Quick & Easy Skinny Margarita Recipe

Quick & Easy Skinny Margarita Recipe We love a margarita, especially as the weather warms up, but can not stand store bought mixes with loads of sugar.  At the same time, we want a drink that is quick to put together so we can spend more time enjoying and less time prepping.  This recipe balances both with a light and fresh skinny margarita that can be whipped up in seconds!       Ingredients: Ice Tequila 2 Fresh Limes (juiced) Agave Water or Bubbly Water Salt or Tajin (optional)   Instructions: Mix 2 parts lime juice (equivalent to the juice from two limes) with 1 part agave and 1 part water. Shake or stir. Salt or tajin the rim of glass...

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3 Minute Green Smoothie

I absolutely love a fresh green smoothie, but what I don't love is the prep time and mess that comes along with making one yourself.  Plus with my husband perpetually working at home due to COVID I can no longer sneak off for a $5 Pressed Juice...which let's be real is probably a good thing for my wallet.   Needless to say I am stoked about this super quick, super fresh, no mess green smoothie that will literally take just three minutes to make.  I was able to find almost everything prepped (kale pre-washed ready to use and pineapple already juiced) so the hardest part was literally peeling the banana.      Ingredients Kale (I used pre-washed organic Kale from Trader Joes)...

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Natural Way to Combat Unwanted Sweat Odors

One of the not so fabulous side effects of being a fitness instructor (or enthusiast for that matter!) is dirty clothing, socks, and shoes stinking up your car!  There is just nothing worse, especially in the summer, than that smell.  And heaven forbid you need to bring a friend with you somewhere...hold on...let me air out that smell...    But there is a simple, all natural, way to eliminate these unwanted odors!   All you need is: - Peppermint Oil - A glass spray bottle   Literally pour the peppermint oil into the glass spray bottle and give your dirty clothes a spritz as you toss them into the car.  Boom!  Problem solved!  This trick is also great for sweaty spin shoes or tennis...

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The Real Tips & Tricks You Need To Know For Black Friday

So does anyone else have anxiety over the coming of Black Friday? Not just if you are a retailer scrambling to get everything ready…but really even as a consumer it’s huge pressure! You of course want to score the best deals, snag some cool stuff for yourself while telling the husband it’s for Susie, and you do not want to be that sucker on Christmas Eve standing in a line at the mall and paying full price because you forgot a gift for Aunt Margret and are scrambling to just have something.   So…I’ve got some tips and tricks to help you with your Black Friday shopping this holiday season!   Sign Up To Get Cash Back For Shopping Online...

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Here we GO!

Welcome to Life By Lexie! ❤️ We are SO excited to launch this blog! We figured an appropriate way to start this is by giving you a little bit of background on us. We are almost 100% a family run business which, as you can imagine, sometimes makes for a bit of drama 😉, but at the end of the day we LOVE each other and LOVE what we do! 💗 We are made up of a husband and wife team and work along side wifey's mom as well as younger sister.We live in Newport Beach 🌅 in Orange County CA 🌴 and are incredibly blessed to live near the ocean. 👙 If you follow our insta stories you know we...

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