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The Real Tips & Tricks You Need To Know For Black Friday

So does anyone else have anxiety over the coming of Black Friday? Not just if you are a retailer scrambling to get everything ready…but really even as a consumer it’s huge pressure! You of course want to score the best deals, snag some cool stuff for yourself while telling the husband it’s for Susie, and you do not want to be that sucker on Christmas Eve standing in a line at the mall and paying full price because you forgot a gift for Aunt Margret and are scrambling to just have something.


So…I’ve got some tips and tricks to help you with your Black Friday shopping this holiday season!


  1. Sign Up To Get Cash Back For Shopping Online

Seriously – if you aren’t doing this you need to be…because who doesn’t want to open up the mail and get a check with cash back right before that credit card balance is due?! So yah…don’t throw away free money… sign up (use my link for an extra $10 back after your first purchase)!

My favorite site is Ebates which I’ve actually been using since 2012 (yup I’m starting to age myself but whatevs) because you can shop with any credit card (so you can basically double up on cash back for shopping through Ebates AND cash back/points for whatever credit card you choose to use) plus you can get additional cash back simply by referring your friends and family…that is like literally free money you can make off everyone else doing shopping…woot woot! 


If you aren’t an Ebates member you can sign up via the button below and get and ADDITIONAL $10 is cash back after making your first purchase. Your welcome!


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


  1. Don’t wear red to Target. 

But seriously. Just don’t do it. Or you will end up buying a shirt your don’t need just to change your clothes to escape the barrage of customer questions. Although, it could help you find your way to the front of the line…just saying.


  1. Make A List

It is SO easy to get side tracked on Black Friday – before you know it your just buying stuff to buy stuff because it’s on sale instead of because it’s a great gift for someone or something you really wanted. Plus getting home and realizing you need to return half the stuff you just bought really sucks…those return lines just get longer and longer from now through January. So make a list to keep you on track and focused on what you are really shopping for.


  1. Shop Early

Sometimes to best deals really are before Black Friday so if you see something at a great price a few days before go ahead and snag the item. Just be sure to keep your receipt and check each store’s return policy prior to checking out.


  1. Don’t Even Try To Price Match on Black Friday

A lot of stores suspend their price matching policies on Black Friday so don’t even waste your time waiting in line at customer service. Do a quick check on your phone while in the store and if you find the item cheaper online snag it and if it’s at another store you might just have to get ready to head on over.


  1. Oh yah… and get ready to shop my website! 

You can now add a handwritten card & wrapping to gift giving purchases and we’ve always got fast free shipping if you’re sneaking in a few things for yourself.  Self love right?!

From our Fit Fam to yours we are wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy start to the Holiday Season!

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