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Quick & Easy Skinny Margarita Recipe

Quick & Easy Skinny Margarita Recipe

We love a margarita, especially as the weather warms up, but can not stand store bought mixes with loads of sugar.  At the same time, we want a drink that is quick to put together so we can spend more time enjoying and less time prepping.  This recipe balances both with a light and fresh skinny margarita that can be whipped up in seconds!


Skinny Margarita Ingredients






2 Fresh Limes (juiced)


Water or Bubbly Water

Salt or Tajin (optional)



Mix 2 parts lime juice (equivalent to the juice from two limes) with 1 part agave and 1 part water. Shake or stir. Salt or tajin the rim of glass if preferred. Serve over ice. Enjoy!



Tajin Tip: For a sweet and spicy vibe rim with honey then dip in Tajin...yum!


Kitchen Tools: Cocktail shaker couldn't be found for the video (life with a toddler unpacking the kitchen cupboards) but we love the cute style and variety of colors offered by Simple Modern

Simple Modern Cocktail Shaker

And if you love rimming your glass for cocktails we love this compact three tier glass rimmer set that can hold salt, sugar and Tajin!

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