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Quick & Easy Skinny Margarita Recipe

Quick & Easy Skinny Margarita Recipe We love a margarita, especially as the weather warms up, but can not stand store bought mixes with loads of sugar.  At the same time, we want a drink that is quick to put together so we can spend more time enjoying and less time prepping.  This recipe balances both with a light and fresh skinny margarita that can be whipped up in seconds!       Ingredients: Ice Tequila 2 Fresh Limes (juiced) Agave Water or Bubbly Water Salt or Tajin (optional)   Instructions: Mix 2 parts lime juice (equivalent to the juice from two limes) with 1 part agave and 1 part water. Shake or stir. Salt or tajin the rim of glass...

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3 Minute Green Smoothie

I absolutely love a fresh green smoothie, but what I don't love is the prep time and mess that comes along with making one yourself.  Plus with my husband perpetually working at home due to COVID I can no longer sneak off for a $5 Pressed Juice...which let's be real is probably a good thing for my wallet.   Needless to say I am stoked about this super quick, super fresh, no mess green smoothie that will literally take just three minutes to make.  I was able to find almost everything prepped (kale pre-washed ready to use and pineapple already juiced) so the hardest part was literally peeling the banana.      Ingredients Kale (I used pre-washed organic Kale from Trader Joes)...

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