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Natural Way to Combat Unwanted Sweat Odors

One of the not so fabulous side effects of being a fitness instructor (or enthusiast for that matter!) is dirty clothing, socks, and shoes stinking up your car!  There is just nothing worse, especially in the summer, than that smell.  And heaven forbid you need to bring a friend with you somewhere...hold on...let me air out that smell... 


But there is a simple, all natural, way to eliminate these unwanted odors!  

All you need is:

- Peppermint Oil

- A glass spray bottle


Literally pour the peppermint oil into the glass spray bottle and give your dirty clothes a spritz as you toss them into the car.  Boom!  Problem solved!  This trick is also great for sweaty spin shoes or tennis shoes.


Not only is peppermint oil all natural, but it also has antibacterial properties.  You can even make a little bottle at home if that laundry hamper in the closet starts to pile too high with sweaty clothes.

What other tips do you have to eliminate post workout odors?!


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