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3 Minute Green Smoothie

I absolutely love a fresh green smoothie, but what I don't love is the prep time and mess that comes along with making one yourself.  Plus with my husband perpetually working at home due to COVID I can no longer sneak off for a $5 Pressed Juice...which let's be real is probably a good thing for my wallet.


Needless to say I am stoked about this super quick, super fresh, no mess green smoothie that will literally take just three minutes to make.  I was able to find almost everything prepped (kale pre-washed ready to use and pineapple already juiced) so the hardest part was literally peeling the banana. 


Kale Smoothie Recipe Ingredients


Kale (I used pre-washed organic Kale from Trader Joes)
Pineapple Juice or Frozen Pineapple chunks
Coconut Milk
Instructions (will make 3-4 smoothies)
1.  Fill blender with kale 
2.  Add 1-2 bananas (1 large, 2 small)
3.  Add 12oz pineapple juice (less if you want it less sweet)
4.  Add 1 cup coconut milk (more or less depending on desired  consistency)
5.  Blend until smooth, about 60 seconds.  Enjoy!
Tip: Even though I'm making these just for me I like to fill up the blender and make enough to last for 3-4 days.  If you are anti leftovers just add about 2 cups of Kale to the blender and a third of everything else.





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